Pest Control / Extermination Services

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Our affordable superior grade pest preventative treatments give homeowners long lasting control and peace of mind from unwanted pest infestations.

Our state certified professionally trained technician will first thoroughly inspect your home for any access points for spiders and other pests. The technician will then treat around your homes perimeter, windows, doors, and other cracks and crevices to control and repel spiders, wasps, and other nuisance insects for up to 90 days.

Pro Pest & Turf Solutions will only use the most rigorously tested EPA certified insecticides on the market that do not stain any exterior surfaces and have little to no smell. After treating your home a technician will then thoroughly web sweep your entire home to clean off cob webs and other debris from your home. 

Carpenter ants are normally large black ants with some brownish to reddish coloring. Carpenter ants are extremely destructive as they chew through moist or rotted wood. Carpenter ants normally represent a moisture problem and moist wood. To control Carpenter ants we use a “double tap” method treating the interior and exterior of your home.

Pro Pest & Turf Pros will start with a thorough ant inspection and then deploy a treatment to tactically terminate these unwanted guests. After identifying ant activity, our expert technician will deploy a tried and true system to eliminate your ant infestations by treating and baiting strategic areas of your home with only the best products available. Our tactically placed crack and crevice baiting is out of reach for the pets and the kiddos.

The technician will also treat around doors, windows, and vents to repel and control future ant infestations. Ant treatments will also help repel+control many other biting and stinging insects.

Call Now For Our Affordable Carpenter Ant Infestation Services And Low Cost Preventative Treatments!

We use the latest and greatest technology when it comes to eradicating roaches. And we don’t mean by smoking them. We use a top of the line bait system and inject it only into cracks and crevices where pets and kids can not get to.

Ticks carry numerous diseases and the most well known being Lyme disease. The black legged deer tick is the carrier of Lyme disease. Tick control is essentially gained when using
our mosquito control service,but, we will place tick tubes throughout your property at key locations for even more help at eliminating ticks.


If Myth Busters could do one more episode it should be about exploiting the myth that grubs cause moles and getting rid of grubs will get rid of your moles. Moles love to eat worms and many other insects and invertebrates.

There are 2 main mole species that love to “pop up” ruining all of your hard work and money you have spent into maintaining a beautiful lawn. The Eastern Mole is the mole that loves to make your lawn look like the Chicago O’hare runway with surface tunnels. The star nosed mole makes the large mounds of dirt you step on and kick around so your mower blade doesn’t become ad dull as a butter butter knife.

The star nosed digs deeper and therefore normally harder to control.

We use a 2 prong method of setting multiple traps to kill moles off feeder runs and commercial grade worms. We insert these
worms deep enough where pets nor people can get to them. We can also place orange cones over our traps to keep people and pets clear. Please call us to discuss these important factors.

Certified state technicians will arrive at your home and give your property a thorough inspection. After the inspection the technician will discuss the best program for you and leave you very detailed instructions before and after the work is completed so you aren’t left in the dark.

We use only superior grade EPA approved insecticides that won’t stain your siding and won’t make you run for the nose plugs. We use a class of insecticides which are the lowest in toxicity and are virtually harmless to mammals.

Keep Your Kids And Pets Safe From Flea bites and the itch.

Traverse City Flea control Specialist:
We have one of the most thorough and cost effective flea treatment programs in Northern Michigan.

Unfortunately, most “all natural” flea products and old wives tales are simply ineffective and a waste of your hard earned money when it comes time to do battle with fleas. Let us help your pets and kids be flea free. Their safety is always paramount when treating inside your home. I treat my personal home with 3 furry felines that are our kids just as I would treat my customers home.


Our super low toxicity indoor and outdoor treatment procedures, combined with important customer recommendations, will help keep your for pets and families flea free and free from itch. We guarantee flea eradication if you follow our recommendations after our treatment. 


European Wasp and English Wasp

These are the two commonly found wasp species across the U.S. and the ones responsible for causing painful wasp stings.

Once indoors, they prefer to build nests in sheltered locations with easy access to the outside, such as lofts, garages and wall cavities. Outside they may nest in old rodent burrows, hollow trees and bushes.

Our technician will assess the wasp activity and nesting site and then treat according to particular circumstances. Normally with a pesticidal dust or residual insecticide with a knock down adjuvant for quick control.

The safest method for wasp and hornet control is signing up for our wasp+pest preventative service. 

Your local Traverse City wasp, yellow jacket and bee control specialists.

The Michigan bald faced hornet makes a nest like that of a large football. These hornets can sting repeatedly and are extremely painful, aggressive and dangerous if you are allergic. Preventative pest control is one of the best ways to keep these nasty suckers off your home and out of your trees!


The 2 most common yellow jackets in Michigan are the Aerial Yellowjacket and Ground nesting or Eastern yellow jacket.

The aerial yellowjacket queen loves to build her nest in wall voids, attics, and other voids or openings.
They will chew their way through walls into your home.

The Eastern Yellow jacket will use rodent burrows to build her nest deep underground. These nest should be treated at night when most workers have returned and dusted with a commercial grade insecticide to ensure eradication.

Turf Care

Our professional lawn care and fertilization team is led by a state certified and highly trained turf grass technician. Our lead technician will responsibly and accurately set up a personalized fertilization program to turn your thin, tired lawn into a healthy and beautiful weed free landscape. Our fertilization program uses only 4 applications per season. This helps save our customers money while being environmentally responsible. We use only the best slow release Lesco fertilizers and 3-way herbicides to control and prevent stubborn weeds. We also specialize in top soil work combined with our aeration and over seeding service to turn a sparse, thin lawn, into a thick beautiful one. We also come armed with over a decade of professional mowing experience for commercial and residential properties. Let us take care of your lawn, pest control, and snow plowing needs to simplify your bills, save you money, and enjoy the convenience of working with just one professional lawn care company.
If you settle for nothing less than the best, call Pro Pest.

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We use a 3-way herbicide and apply a slow release premium fertilizer in May and September. This is the optimal time to control weeds in their immature state and green up your lawn.

Fertilization customers will receive only the highest grade slow release fertilizer May-September.

Enjoy a green, weed-free lawn all summer long. We have a program that will fit your budget and your lawns specific needs.

FIRST FERTILIZATION TREATMENT 50% off When Signing up for our seasonal mowing package. Get perfectly timed lawn mowing after each fertilizer application.

Round 1. Crab grass preventer. 
Round 2. Weed-N-Feed
Round 3. Mid-summer high nitrogen fertilizer.
Round 4. Late summer blend. 
Round 5. Winterizer blend +weed control.

Our fertilization customers will receive 5 golf course grade fertilizer applications April through September.

  • We will not fertilize your lawn before a spring cleanup. We will not mow your lawn within 24hrs of an herbicide application to ensure maximum herbicide effectiveness.
  • There is no need for more than 5 fertilization application per season in our region to achieve a healthy, lush, weed free lawn.
  • We never leave fertilizer on your driveway or your sidewalks.

What is Lawn Aeration or Core Aeration?

We use professional grade aeration equipment that can encourage a healthy lawn, either by rehabilitating struggling spaces or encouraging new growth. Core aeration is just another tool of the trade . Cores are typically two to three inches long and about a half an inch wide. Cores are extracted every few inches. These little clumps of soil are then distributed across the surface of the lawn. Lawn aeration is common practice in the management of a lush and healthy lawn.

We repair all irrigation heads free of charge if they are damaged from this service.

Why is Lawn Aeration Is The Key To A Greener Lawn?

As time passes the root system of your lawn becomes overgrown and compacted. Think of this congestion as a barrier that’s preventing all of the nutrients and benefits of water and airflow to circulate into the soil layer. Regularly scheduled aeration is the best way to encourage deep-penetrating air circulation that can build pathways that create access to water.

Lawn aerations is also the best way to get the most out of fertilizing, irrigation and overseeding. Core aerations can help fertilizer applications work their way deeper into the soil without being blocked by a compacted root system.

Our fall aeration overseeding service is the only way to go for a thicker, healthier, greener lawn.

Full Lawn Maintenance Program

Is your lawn not looking as nice as your neighbors? Tired of wasting money and time with lackluster results? With help from the certified lawn care professionals at Pro Pest & Turf Solutions, you can worry about the demands of your everyday life while we completely manage your property needs and make it stand out above the rest.

When you sign up for our Lawn Maintenance program, we provide regularly-scheduled maintenance visits to keep your lawn and property looking its best. Whether your lawn needs to be mowed, fertilized & weed free, your shrubs pruned, landscape beds maintained, irrigation system times monitored to prevent drought stress or brown turf grass, Pro Pest & Turf Solutions can handle all this so you can relax and do the things you want to do. Please click on our contact link to get started. The more services you sign up for, the more savings you will receive.


  • Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing
    Every visit, our team will: cross-cut mow your lawn for head turning turf grass pattern designs; edge all of your concrete surfaces; pick up all litter and sticks, trim around the property perimeter, your home, your landscape beds, and your trees; and finish by blowing your pavement and landscape bed surfaces as well as your lawn so no buildup of yellow dead grass occurs. We can easily adjust the height of our mower decks to mow at your desired height of grass. We do recommend mowing at least 3″ for the healthiest, disease and weed resistant lawn possible.
  • Spring Leaf Cleanup
    This service provides our customers that needed touch up following the hard winter months. We will dethach all turf grass areas to kick up dead grass and other debris. We will then remove leaves and other winter debris from your lawn and landscape beds. Then we will even fix all your plow damage and reseed any bare spots. All concrete walks, drives, and patios are also edged with a gas powered stick edger.
  • Fall Leaf Cleanup
    In an effort to protect your grass and maintain a clean appearance as leaves begin to fall, our fall cleanup service includes the removal of leaves, sticks, and other debris from your lawn and landscape beds. We recommend 1 cleanup fall cleanup during the month of November
  • Our customers always receive 1 Free Grub Control application with a 5 Application Fertilization program.

For Pro Pest & Turf Solution’s expert lawn mowing, edging, pruning, mulch and bed work, and complete landscaping maintenance services, please request the services you need by filling out our Request Services Form or call us at (231)384-1988.


It’s simple to order and have done:  The owner, who is an experienced professionally state licensed technician, will arrive at your home to thoroughly inspect your property, recommend non-toxic mechanical control measures, and then treat mosquito harborage sites and standing water. 


Pro Pest & Turf Solutions uses commercial grade mist blowers to apply our specially formulated product to the underside of trees, foliage, shrubbery, and property perimeter creating barrier protection that lasts up to 28 days and also inhibits reproduction, thus reducing future population. Relief from the mosquitoes is guaranteed for 21 days.

We also treat standing water, drains, and downspout areas to clear them of dormant larvae and adult mosquitoes.

We’re locally owned and operated, which means you call, we pick up and you get service fast.

  • Our solutions incorporate only the best EPA rigorously tested and approved insecticides on the market.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 7 days a week, 24 hour response time for call backs

  • MowsquitoTech is an environmentally responsible company that practices integrated pest management to help minimize the use of pesticides.

  • Offer the most affordable mosquito control and lawn care package prices in Traverse City.

  • Over a decade of experience in professional outdoor services.

Customer Service:

We are in the pest control and turf care business to help protect property, disease prevention for pets and people, and to enhance your properties value. 

We are a local family company who loves our wildlife and our environment as much as our neighbors. We believe in preventative perimeter treatments to keep the bugs out before pesticides get into your home. Every member of our staff is a fully trained professional. You can be assured that a friendly MowsquitoTech employee will personally treat your property every time. Since we’re locally owned and operate an owner is always available.

Plus – Our team delivers fast friendly service. We can also change your scheduled treatments for maximum protection before a special event or holiday. If we can help our customers in any other way please let us know.


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